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Keeping with our theme 'Celebrating Life', our fiestas are birthday parties. Once a year we celebrate everyone's birthday. We have a special meal consisting of pizza - chicken or burgers, chips, drinks, ice cream and of course birthday cake. Also each child receives a birthday card with money inside*. By using birthdays as the reason for celebrating, we want to let each child know that they are important to God. They are special and He loves them very much. Fiestas might also include a
craft(s) for the children or some special activity. Many times gifts of soccer balls, basket balls, jump ropes, frisbees etc are left at the homes** for the children. We also make signs and decorations to help create a festive mood.


" *money in the cards is sometimes pooled by the homes and the children are taken to a water park, fair, zoo or a cook out "

** we also visit schools , projects and children's church

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