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Volunteer Requirements

AGE - minimum 18 years old - unless accompanied by parent or guardian (then responsibility for under-aged travelers will belong to the parent or guardian)

PROFESSING CHRISTIAN - testimony required

REFERENCES - both Christian and secular

SIGNED RELEASE FORMS - releasing Mission Fiesta and /or Mission Fiesta team members from liability - with parental signature for those under 18.

You are responsible for the costs associated with traveling with Mission Fiesta.

General Guidelines:

1. You must listen to and follow instructions given by the leadership of Mission Fiesta.

2. You must conduct yourself in a Christian manner at all times. (Children are always watching.)

3. You must remember that you are a guest in another country/culture. (legal issues)

4. You must never go walking/shopping etc. by yourself. (We would not want to lose anyone.)

5. Someone in leadership with Mission Fiesta must know where you are/will be at all times.

6. The use of tobacco, alcohol, ect. is a private matter between you and God. However, usage of the above mentioned will not be permitted during organized Mission Fiesta activities and if used should be done in private.

7. Proper male and female conduct is expected. (if you are not sure what is proper please ask a team leader)

8. If you have a problem (with people, assignments, anything) talk to the leadership of Mission Fiesta. Please do not go around telling everyone or talking behind others backs. (If you are old enough to come on the trip then please act it.)

In His Service,

Mission Fiesta
PO Box 435, Lucasville Ohio 45648

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